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The company "Nikiforovskoe HPP" celebrated its 15th anniversary

03 Августа 2018
According to statistics, only 50% of enterprises survive to 3 years; about 10% - to 10 years; only 5% - to 18 years. This year we celebrate 18th birthday. The company management heartily congratulates all the employees, and also thanks for partnership and support the next companies: company group «Efes» in Russia, «Carlsberg Eastern Europe» LLC, «Souffle Agro Rus» LLC, «Belgorsolod» LLC (Malteurop Russia), «Cargill» LLC, «Grainrus» LLC, «Tagilskoe pivo» LLC, «United Russian Heineken breweries» LLC .Throughout 18 years of work our company offers its partners top-quality products. The “Vilion” develops its production facilities; expand grain storage opportunities; updates agricultural machinery and equipment park. In spite of the volatile conditions for development in Russia, our company manages to stay profitable and maintain the confidence of our clients and partners. It is a merit not only of the experienced management of the company, but also each of its employee. “Vilion” is a reliable partner for years to come.
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