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Modernization of cereals analysis equipment at the «Nikiforovsky grain storage and distribution center»

20 Апреля 2019
«Nikiforovsky grain storage and distribution center» has modernized laboratory equipment. Special device for analyzing cereals appeared in the laboratory of the enterprise – Infratec 1241 Foss, that allows to perform an accurate and quick analysis of wheat (protein, moisture, gluten), barley (protein, fat, moisture, starch) , soy (protein, moisture, fat), colza, oats, rye, melt, flour, nature. Ready global celebration for all grades. Over 25 years of its life, the analyzer line set new rules in the world of grain analyzes. For example, the best method of cereals analysis is a using of radiation in the near infrared range in pass mode (i.e. detection of light passing through a sample, but not a traditional reflection method). An another example: scanning monochromator out to be the best basic technology for this application. Infratec 1241 is a part of modular system that included the flour-measuring module, the bushel weight module and the module for transportation samples for measurement, moisture samples and even liquids. Cuvette for sunflower suits for ground sunflower or oilcake. It is also an alternative to flour module.
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